Education for the challenges of the future
Science and research on the climate crisis is not a "niche" topic. The future of our children depends on it! We are committed to bringing science-based climate education into society, improving the communication of scientific findings and promoting opportunities for transformation towards an ecologically and socially sustainable society.

The project vision is to bring Earth to safe Holocene levels below 350 ppm, 1° C, by a concerted economic and social transformation towards a fossil free future with 100% affordable clean energy, clean materials and with greener and biodiverse landscapes acting as carbon sinks - all on time to avoid overshooting tipping points.

A study with an astonishing result: replacing the world's replacing the world's coal-fired power plants with renewable energies is a profitable path to a clean future.


The voluntary initiative promotes climate education and social awareness of the climate crisis. The team developed the idea for the Climate Action Week and the vision of creating a scalable content and pedagogically verified climate education that utilizes the opportunities offered by digitalization and provide teachers around the world with high-quality material for educating schools and society about the climate crisis and its solutions.

A free handout on the inadequate climate policy in Germany, consequences, tipping points and solutions to the climate crisis.